June 20 - 22 - Tokyo, Japan
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Vladimir Zapolskiy

Runtime Svcs
Open Source Senior Software Engineer
I am an embedded Linux kernel engineer since 2007, my professional experience includes hardware adaptation of Linux, Linux multimedia and device drivers, system wide performance optimization of Linux operating system.

Since 2012 I am employed by Mentor Graphics, since 2014 I work in Mentor's Automotive Business Unit as an engineer, kernel gatekeeper and maintainer of Linux BSP for customers.

I have multiple contributions to Open Source projects including U-boot, OpenEmbedded and Linux, as a hobbyist I sporadically maintain legacy NXP LPC32xx platform in the Linux kernel.

My previous speaking experience:
* August 2014, LVEE, Hrodna, Belarus: Bootloader and Linux kernel debugging on ARM board with OpenOCD http://lvee.org/uploads/image_upload/file/349/lvee-2014-openocd.pdf
* May 2012, FRUCT, Saint Petersburg, Russia: Cgroups as a Resource Management Technique https://fruct.org/sites/default/files/files/conference11/cgroups.pdf