June 20 - 22 - Tokyo, Japan
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Denis Dorotenko

Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel at Yandex (Moscow, Russia). Since 2012 work in Legal Department in Yandex. Mostly specialize on software and content legal issues (including licensing, data acquisition), domain disputes and deals, open source legal matters.

Has graduated (with honour) Saratov State Academy of Law in 2017. Has passed Legal Specialist Certification Course by Black Duck Software (2017).

Professional interests:
software licensing, open source, fair use, reverse engineering, bug bounty, copyright and patent litigation.

A member of IT Lawyers Discussion Club (Moscow, since 2013) and FSFE.org (Berlin, since 2017).

Won X Russian professional contest "Legal Russia" (2015) and International Contest forYoung Lawyers "Precedent" (2010) (first place in "Intellectual property law" nomination in both contests).