June 20 - 22 - Tokyo, Japan
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Masao Taniguchi

Assistant Manager
Working at NEC corporation from 1999

-Started as a system engineer of Telecommunication switching system

- Currently in charge of marketing, business planning related to AI, IoT, and DX.

- Open Source Program Office
* Reforming internal processes relating to Open Source usage
*Open source collaborative activity (Openchain translation etc. see link)
* Marketing/Research of OSS/open collaboration model

- Business Strategy Planning /Development
* DX(Digital Transformation) business strategy planning
*Smart city business planning and system design (ongoing, Stadium/Venue,and on)
*Market research&Analysis for specific industries. ( Sports market, Real estate, market ,etc. )

- OSS related translation as a member of Linux Foundation Japan Translation Team(LF-J Trrans)
* Main translator of OpenChain Specification and Curriculum v1.1 and v1.2 (https://www.openchainproject.org/ja/translations)

*Main translator of LFCS/LFCE preparation guide (https://training.linuxfoundation.org/resources/publications/certification-preparation-guide/) * will be released soon
Wednesday, June 20

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Thursday, June 21

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Friday, June 22

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