June 20 - 22 - Tokyo, Japan
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Wednesday, June 20


Introduction to the IoT Platform Node-RED and Hitachi's Activities - Takaya Ide & Kazuki Nakanishi, Hitachi
avatar for Takaya Ide

Takaya Ide

Researcher, Hitachi, Ltd.
Takaya Ide is a researcher at Hitachi. He works on the technologies about Cloud and DevOps. Currently he is focused on developing and improving node-red-nodegen in Node-RED project
avatar for Kazuki Nakanishi

Kazuki Nakanishi

Unit Leader, Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Kazuki Nakanishi is a unit leader at Hitachi Solutions. He joined Node-RED community from last year and is a member of Node-RED project now. He contributed several features to improve the usability of Node-RED and is currently developing an automated GUI testing framework to improve... Read More →

Wednesday June 20, 2018 17:10 - 17:50
Room 1
Friday, June 22


How to Inspire, Motivate and Form the Future Generation of Girls in STEAM: The Experience of Girls in Technology (Chicas en Tecnología) in Argentina - Mariana Varela, Chicas en Tecnologia
Since 2015, the non-profit organization, Chicas en Tecnología, has been developing a range of programs to bridge the technological gender gap in Argentina, by encouraging, fostering and increasing the knowledge and enthusiasm of young women in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) areas.

The NGO has been focusing on social perceptions, employment and entrepreneurship constraints, and cultural stereotypes within the technological field that keeps some women away from selecting it as their next course of studies or career path.

The speaker, co-founder of the organization, will share some advice and ideas taken from their experience on how to create the pipeline that will bring gender parity, understanding the challenges and possible solutions by all the parties (institutions, companies, and organizations) involved and by the society itself.

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Mariana Varela

Co-founder, Chicas en Tecnologia
I'm passionate about women and youth empowerment through technology. I'm a UX researcher and I've always understood technology as a tool to change our realities and have a positive impact in the world.In year 2012, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 11:20 - 12:00
Room 1
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Don't Judge Candidates by their Github Profiles: How Open Source Participation Plays into Hiring - Duane O'Brien, Indeed
You have heard that having a GitHub profile can help when job hunting. Is it true? How can you get started? What if you don’t have the time?

You are hiring to fill a position, and you have two great candidates. One has a robust history of working in open source, and the other has no history at all. Is this an easy choice?

This session will look at the implications of working in open source, from the perspectives of both the candidate and the hiring manager. Individuals will come away with an understanding of how open source participation affects their hireability, how they can get started, and what to do when active participation is challenging. Hiring managers will come away with an understanding of how to evaluate the open source work of potential candidates, how to evaluate candidates with no history, and how requiring an open source footprint creates harmful bias.

avatar for Duane O'Brien

Duane O'Brien

Head of Open Source, Indeed
Duane is the Head of Open Source at Indeed.com, the #1 job site in the world. He is passionate about enabling smart and meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem by both developers and corporations. Duane navigates the path between engineering and management, drawing on... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 12:10 - 12:50
Room 1


Is There a Future for Open Source? - Michael Meskes, credativ
Open Source has accomplished unparalleled success, but with success comes
challenges and risks. While some of these are inevitable, others are self made
and threaten to destroy the whole ecosystem. With these threats coming from
both sides, community and business, it is time to admit they exist and start
working on remedying them.

This presentation is about the new threads the Open Source movement is facing, it examines where they come from and gives food for thought about solutions. 

avatar for Michael Meskes

Michael Meskes

CEO, credativ
Michael Meskes is President and CEO of the credativ Group, an industry leader in free software services with offices in six countries. Its Open Source Support Centers employ leading members of a number of Open-Source projects. He has been Open-Source developer for twenty-five years... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 12:10 - 12:50
Hall B-2


Ansible: Why Simplicity Matters - Robyn Bergeron, Red Hat

Developed by a community of more than 3,500 contributors, Ansible is an open source, radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy and manage.  In this session, we'll provide an overview of Ansible and discuss many of its use cases, including examples from the traditional to the unorthodox, as well as overviews of both AWX and the universe of shared content in Ansible Galaxy. Finally, we’ll discuss how the simplicity of Ansible’s design and usage, and the architectural decisions made with the goal of simplicity at the beginning stages of the project’s evolution, have enabled the project to become one of the most active open source communities in the world.


Friday June 22, 2018 14:25 - 15:05
Hall B-2


Real Time Virtualization Exploration - Tiejun Chen, VMware
Virtualization technologies has already been deployed in the embedded systems but in many use scenarios, applications/services should be responded in real time. Some typical hypervisors are constructed to be a real time hypervisor but this solution still cannot meet hard time requirement, even real time guest OS is adopted. Because hypervisors have no knowledge of tasks inside VM actually. So based on this two levels of shcedule domain, I'd like to discuss-to review #1. What are those challenges, #2. Benefits with Real Time virtualization; #3. Several potential but different approaches to construct real time virtualization solution:1:paravirtualize guest OS like Linux to sync scheduling between GOS and hypervisor ;2:AMP hypervisor;3:single-process purpose OS; 4 EPT-only protected application/service; 5.some possible combinations, #4. Any potential but valuable use cases.

avatar for Tiejun Chen

Tiejun Chen

Staff Engineer II and Technical Leader, VMware
Tiejun Chen is a staff engineer II and one technical leader from ATC, Advanced Technology Center, VMware OCTO. In recent years he is working on some projects or explorations involved Linux, Unikernel, libOS, IoT, Edge Computing, secure container, k8s, serverless, etc. Before joined... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 14:25 - 15:05
Room 1


libgit2: The Git Library You Don’t Know You’re Using - Edward Thomson, Microsoft
libgit2 is useful for developing custom applications that make use of Git data, and it’s useful for things like custom validation of code, inspecting data in repositories and code analytics.

This session will introduce the libgit2 library, and will discuss:

* Advantages and disadvantages of using libgit2 versus scripting the git GUI.
* Examples of code to work with Git repositories
* An introduction to managed code interfaces to libgit2, including LibGit2Sharp and Rugged, for people who prefer to want to add Git I support to their C# or Ruby applications.

avatar for Edward Thomson

Edward Thomson

Speaker, Techorama
Edward Thomson is a senior program manager at Microsoft, where he focuses on Git and the version control tools in Visual Studio Team Services and ensures that customers are successful while using them. Previously, he was a software engineer building version control tools at Microsoft... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 15:15 - 15:55
Room 1


Civil Infrastructure Platform: 2 Years Experience of Industrial-grade Open Source Base Layer Development and its Future - Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba Corporation
The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) is creating a super long-term supported (SLTS) open source "base layer" (OSBL) of industrial grade software that will enable the implementation of building blocks in civil infrastructure projects. Currently, all of these systems are built from scratch, with little re-use of existing software building blocks, which drains resources, money and time. Since CIP launched in April 2016, we focused to create industrial-grade OSBL which consists of SLTS kernel and reference base-system by collaboration. In this talk, we share the least status and roadmap of CIP development and collaboration efforts with other OSS project such as Debian. All source code and document can be found from CIP web site (https://cip-project.org/).

avatar for Yoshitake Kobayashi

Yoshitake Kobayashi

Senior Manager of Open Source Technology department, Toshiba Corporation
Yoshitake Kobayashi is the Senior Manager of The Open Source Technology Department at Toshiba Corporation. The team provides a Linux based system and related technologies such as Database and Web application frameworks for various Toshiba products. His research interests include operating... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 16:20 - 17:00
Room 1
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Getting Introduced (to most of) the Hot LF Projects in 40 minutes - Noriaki Fukuyasu, The Linux Foundation Japan
avatar for Noriaki Fukuyasu

Noriaki Fukuyasu

VP of Japan Operations, The Linux Foundation
Noriaki is the Vice President of Japan Operations for The Linux Foundation. Prior to joining The Linux Foundation, he led the international business for a leading Japanese Linux distributor, Turbolinux, Inc., as Director of International Business. He also served as the CEO of Zend... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 17:10 - 17:50
Room 1


Kids on Computers: Empowering Underprivileged Communities around the World with Open Source Technology - Gustavo A. R. Silva, The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative
Kids on Computers (https://www.kidsoncomputers.org/) is a non-profit organization dedicated to setting up computer labs in low-income schools around the world, using both donated and new hardware. The computers are equipped with free and Open Source software and educational content that is accessible without internet access. Although the computers can be used to teach software development, the primary purpose of the computer labs is to support learning of traditional academic subjects. Recently, Kids on Computers has started to set up Raspberry Pi-based labs.

This is a story about how people around the world benefit from the work of a small group of volunteers that brings free Open Source technology to remote areas and, what it takes to identify, visit, and continuously train those communities. The logistics of preparing and setting up a fully functional Open Source lab with Internet in a Box included will also be explained.

avatar for Gustavo A. R. Silva

Gustavo A. R. Silva

Linux Kernel Engineer, The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative
Gustavo works as a Linux Kernel Engineer, fixing potential security issues throughout the Linux kernel. His work is supported by The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative. He is currently involved in the Kernel Self Protection Project. He is also a volunteer and member... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 17:10 - 17:50
Room 1
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