June 20 - 22 - Tokyo, Japan
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Thursday, June 21


Speeding up Linux System Calls on the Power Architecture - Nicholas Piggin, IBM
The system call is the gateway to the kernel. The kernel provides services
to applications via system calls, like a library provides services via
library calls.

System call performance is important for many workloads, and especially
for bragging rights.

In this presentation, Nicholas will introduce system calls, explain how the
Power ISA system call instruction works, and how the Linux/powerpc code
work. Nicholas will then talk about some performance analysis and
improvements he has been working on for Linux/powerpc syscalls,
culminating with an implementation of the new system call instruction
introduced in the IBM POWER9 processor.


Nicholas Piggin

Software Engineer, IBM
Linux Kernel developer for IBM, previously Fusion-io, SUSE. Has presented at Ottawa Linux Symposium and linux.conf.au, and was organiser of the first LSF/MM conference.

Thursday June 21, 2018 11:10 - 11:50
Room 6
Friday, June 22


OTA-On-Demand (OOD) Services with AGL - Stefan Aust, NEC
The automotive industry demands better in-car services for their customers and to keep software security up do date over a long product life-cycle. Because there have been security accidents reported when accessing vehicles over-the-air (OTA) new methods for software updates are essential. Some OTA implementations utilize wake-up sequences to start the connection with the vehicle by using SMS services. There is a need to inform the vehicle to start the software download, thus a wake-up function is needed. In contrast, this presentation outlines the use of Radio-on-demand (ROD) sensors to create trusted zones which enable more secure OTA software upgrades. These zones can be pre-defined and modified to secure each part of the vehicle's life-cycle. AGL provides the basic APIs and details are given in this presentation how to connect ROD sensors in AGL.

avatar for Stefan Aust

Stefan Aust

Manager, NEC Communication Systems, Ltd.
Stefan Aust is manager for NEC Communications Systems, Ltd., in Kawasaki, Japan where he is responsible for projects on distributed information systems, including in-vehicular networks, AGL, and AUTOSAR. His area of interests include tactile Internet, time sensitive networks, and... Read More →

Friday June 22, 2018 17:10 - 17:50
Hall B-1