June 20 - 22 - Tokyo, Japan
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Kenichi Omichi

Principal Software Engineer
San Jose, California
Kenichi is a software engineer on production software engineering over 18 years.
He mainly focus on cloud distributed platforms: Kubernetes and OpenStack and tries improving their quality based on his knowledge (Linux Kernel internals, network, virtualization, distributed system, REST API) via the following experience:

- Contributes Kubernetes development as an approver of kubernetes/kubernetes repository- Contributes OpenStack development as a core developer of both OpenStack/Nova and OpenStack/QA projects
- Leaded OpenStack/QA project as a PTL (Project Team Lead) at the open source community
- Initiated a Linux crash dump tool Makedumpfile and maintained it as an open source project
- Designed and constructed a huge network which covered whole Japan region with 200+ Cisco network devices
- Has developed software with programming languages: Python, C/C++, Go
- Has gotten the certification of CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator)
- Has gotten the certification of CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer)
- Has gotten the certification of PROFESSIONAL CLOUD ARCHITECT of Google Cloud
Wednesday, June 20

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Thursday, June 21

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Friday, June 22

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